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Before & After Bathroom


Striped To The Bare Bones And Made Good As New
Mold and mildew along with years of water damage had taken it's toll.  Cracked and missing tiles only made the problem worse.   We had to strip it down to the bare bones so to speak.  We treated the mold and mildew problem by destroying it and then taking away it's way in by fixing and replacing the faucets and the shower head.  Striped and replaced the floor and the drywall before replacing the ceramic tiles both on the wall and floor.  Then we installed a new dual flush toilet and a new cabinet to hold the sink and to supply a little  storage space.  The best part is the customer could not be happier not only with their new bathroom but also with the money they are saving because we installed energy efficient products.

Before And After


A Replacement Window Would Have Saved Them Thousands

A broken window and a raining spring turned this hallway into a big moldy mess.  The moister got under the wallpaper and mold and mildew grew fast as weeds.  The water also damaged the drywall underneath it also damaged the wood floor as well as the woodwork.  Though there is a good ending to this story because D & B Carpentry & Restoration fixed the damage and the hall looks better than before.

If a picture is worth a thousand words and seeing is believeing the only thing left to add would be at D & B we let our reputation & this gallary speek for us

Look and see what we can do, this and more we can do for you.

Fun And Functional

This fun loving family wanted to replace the old wooden stairs that had started to rot with a new sturdier version. When Bill told them  how much it would cost they realized they had more than enough left in the budget to build a patio too.   Now they are proud to have family and friends over for barques and to watch the game. 

From death trap to safe haven for all

The stairs to the attic was made from different kinds of wood, some of the stairs had been replace over time, others were worn through in spots and some were just cracked in two.  The attic floor was just insulation and beams.  Once again D&B came to the rescue.  Now not only is it beautiful it's also structurally sound.  The homeowner now has room for the grown children should they have to return to the nest.

Storage, Storage, Storage

Custom built 3 in 1 Window Seat
The young lady who hired Bill to build this 3 in 1 window seat pretty much had the idea of what she wanted in her head.  After quite a bit of thought and discussion, Bill drew up the plans.  While during the construction phase there were a few times when she could not see her vision in Bills work.  Though Bill told her to trust him all would be right in the end.  Sure enough she could not be happier.  Though being a hands on kind of gal she really wanted to stain and finish the seat herself.  As tough as it is to leave a project unfinished Bill always does his best to give the customer what they want.  We will post updated photos as soon as she sends them.

You always count with us.