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Bill's Tips To Save Money

Maintenance Number One Is A Savings Trifecta. 
Electronics can be cool tools but they can also be energy hogs.  How many of you think that when you shut your stuff off it no longer is using electricity?  Would you be surprised to find out it was still using energy?  Just some examples are your Blu-Ray player or your game system even your cable box and your TV.  A cheap and simple solution to the problem is to use a power strip so you can turn them completely off and if they are all in one location you only have one switch to flick.  Not only are you saving money and reducing your carbon footprint but you save time too.  Like the title says its a savings trifecta.  Or you can do it the hard way and go around and unplugging each item individually. Either way it adds up and you can take that to the bank.

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D & B Carpentry & Restoration You Get A Contractor for Handyman prices

With one call we do it all;  from the roof to the foundation and everything in between, we can turn your home improvement nightmares into the home of your dreams!   Or do you need to flip a property but the house needs more work done than you can manage?  Are you starting to realize there is a lot more to it than applying a simple cosmetic bandage?  Do not worry, D & B is the one to call.  At D & B we believe there is no job too big or too small.  We do remodels and renovations for fast sale of the property.  Though flipping houses is just one of our specialties.  We can fix kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and basements too.  Solving problems is what to do.  Interior and exterior painting needs causing you a fuss?  Save yourself the aches and pains by calling us.  We do the job right the first time and we will save you more than a few dimes.

We have done work for banks, business owners, home owners, insurance companies, landlords, realtors and renters too. 
It makes no difference who you are we promise we will always take good care of you.

∞ Affordable rates ∞ Free estimate ∞ Good Local References 
∞ Quality work you can count on ∞ We work weekends ∞ We work nights 
∞ We take emergency 911 calls. ∞ All materials: You pay what we pay.

What People Are Saying About Us

Random review from Pros4Hire.com

Quality of Work: Value for money:
Time Management: Customer Service:
Comment: I own and manage 4 rental properties. D&B Carpentry & Restoration is the only company I trust. So far there has not been one single job I needed done that Bill or one of his crew could not handle. Last year when I was in Florida taking care of my Dad, one of my tenants had left the water in the tub running in the upstairs bathroom. It ran the whole time they were at work. I called Bill in the middle of the night and God bless him he was there an hour later. Bill could have asked any amount and I would have paid it. Though he only charged me what he would have charged anyone for a night call. Bill is an honest and outstanding guy and I am lucky he has my back.


Random review from MagicYellow.com

Angie (NC) 
Great work, job well done. Affordable, reliable.
the good: Always on time. Well within budget. Excellent job, and reliable.
          the bad: none. Really D&B is great. Not a bad word to say about them.
the details: Truly, I can not think of a bad thing to say. Bill came and looked, he quoted me a price. Two days later he and his crew showed up and by the end of the day they were done. Bill put in a replacement window and a new front door. Not only are we more secure but I will get a tax rebate for the window being energy efficient. 5 stars plus 5 more